Video Marketing Content for Restaurants – Top 10 Marketing Content Tips Inside

Learn the best marketing tips for restaurants, along with our top video content recommendations. From increasing customer engagement to attracting new diners, we've got you covered!

Have you considered creating videos to promote your business?

Creating videos to share online can be a highly effective way to promote your food and beverage business as a restaurant owner or manager, even though it may not be a common practice.

Why should a restaurant use video marketing?

As online video content continues to surge in popularity, traditional TV is gradually being overtaken. The reason for this? Video can capture your attention far more easily, delivering the point quickly and efficiently. In today’s fast-paced world, people want information fast, and that’s precisely what video provides. So if you want to make sure your audience is tuning in, embrace the power of video!

How can a restaurant create effective video marketing content?

Video content that a restaurant should focus on creating should be informative yet entertaining. Show off your amazing dishes, entice potential customers to come to your establishment with eye-catching visuals, and create interesting stories around the food you serve. Additionally, videos can be used to promote special offers and events, giving viewers an incentive to visit your restaurant. Finally, customer testimonials and reviews can be used to highlight the authenticity of your restaurant and brand. In short, focus on videos that promote a story that will make potential customers want to visit your restaurant.

To help you get started, we have collected a list of 10 video marketing content tips that can help boost your restaurant’s visibility with a few examples to get inspired.

1) Introduce your unique restaurant/cafe/bar with effective marketing content

Produce a video showcasing your restaurant’s unique ambiance and highlights, featuring the bar, fireplace, terrace and scenic views. Create a visual tour of your restaurant and give viewers an insight into the atmosphere. Tell them what they can expect when they visit you.

Promo video

One day at your venue

2) Present your restaurant’s foods, dessert and drinks

Who doesn’t enjoy mouth-watering videos? Create a video about your delicious food, desserts and cocktails. Make it eye-catching by adding beautiful visuals and appealing music to make it look attractive. Showcase the unique ingredients that go into each of your desserts and drinks. Highlight the skills of your chefs in creating mouthwatering treats. Explain why customers should come to your restaurant when they are looking for something special.

Showcase your food to your potential guests
Short showcase of a restaurant

3) Create behind-the-scenes videos showcasing the steps to prepare your favourite dishes.

Show your kitchen while the chef is working and introduce the food. Transforming mundane tasks, such as those performed by waiters, waitresses, and chefs, could make for an intriguing video for those unfamiliar with the hospitality industry.

Behind the scenes
Look how many views this video got

4) Share your videos across every relevant social media platform

Find your relevant social platforms and use them to share your best videos. Additionally, use relevant tags to increase discoverability.

5) Make interviews with manager/staff and local supplier

Introduce your local supplier in a short video and share their stories with your customers. Showcase the freshness of ingredients, preparation process, and people behind it.

6) Collect a few review and share in a video

Show customer reviews and ratings of your restaurant in a fun video. Share the joy of your customers who enjoyed their time at your restaurant!

7) Select an influencer to promote your restaurant

Find a creative influencer to showcase your business and sample your cuisine. This can be an optimal way to promote your brand and generate interest.

8) Create a video about special events

Introduce it to another company to promote your business party. If you offer special occasions or private dining, create a video to showcase the memorable moments shared by your customers. Reach out to other companies to promote your event and increase engagement.

9) Don’t forget the review sites and share some videos on YELP or TripAdvisor

These platforms will help a wider audience to discover and explore your restaurant. 

10) Cut your long videos into short clips to make it consumable on YouTube Shorts, TikTok or Instagram Reels

In our fast-paced world, short videos get more visibility and engagement. Create stories and quick videos to increase your chances of success.

+1) Plan ahead with a clear strategy

Answer the following questions before you start your video marketing content campaigns:
Which platforms do your customers and potential customers use? What type of videos do they prefer to consume? What do you need for creating these kinds of marketing content? To reach the right audience and have the greatest impact, you must know your customers and their online habits. Don’t waste your time and energy creating content that won’t be attractive for your target audience. Quality over quantity.

Short vs. Long Videos

These tips will help to give potential guests a better idea of what they can expect when they come to your restaurant. Make sure to let them know about any upcoming specials or events and provide information on how they can get involved. Present your brand’s unique personality and make sure to share any positive reviews from your customers!

Benefits of Unique Videos

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More engaged customers
  • Increased engagement with potential customers
  • Improved customer experience

By creating unique videos about your business and events, you will be able to share a more personal connection with potential guests. This will help them learn more about your restaurant and gain insight into what they can expect when they visit.


By implementing these simple tips, you can ensure that potential guests are left with an engaging and positive impression of your restaurant. This will help encourage them to visit and hopefully become a long-term customer.  With the right strategy, you can create a memorable experience for every guest! There’s no time to waste, start creating your videos now.

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