Benefits of Developing Reservation and Online Ordering System for Restaurant Websites

Your restaurant's online presence is as crucial as the taste of your dishes. As customers increasingly prefer the convenience of online ordering and reservations, these features are a must-have for your website.

In the modern era of digital advancements, the online presence of your restaurant is as important as the taste of the dishes you serve. Customers are increasingly opting for the convenience of online ordering and reservations, making these features a must-have for your restaurant website. However, many restaurants rely on third-party providers for these services, often paying hefty commissions on each order. This article explores the benefits of developing custom reservation and food ordering functionality on your restaurant website, eliminating the need for third-party providers and their associated costs.

Greater Control Over Customer Experience

When you develop your own online ordering and reservation system, you have complete control over the customer experience. You can customize the interface to match your brand, provide detailed menu information, and offer real-time engagement with customers. This level of customization can significantly enhance the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings by Your Own Online Ordering System

Third-party apps usually charge a commission on every order. This cost can eat into your profits, especially in an industry known for slim margins. By developing your own system, you bypass these commission fees, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run.

Increased Profitability

With your own online ordering system, you can easily process large orders and accept online payments. This convenience can lead to an increase in order size and frequency, boosting your restaurant’s profitability. The fee for accepting online payments is typically 2 percent.

Direct Customer Relationship

Third-party platforms often keep customer data to themselves. When you have your own system, you gain access to valuable customer data. You can use this information to understand your customers better, personalise their experiences, and build long-term relationships.

Branding Opportunities

Your online ordering system and reservation system is an extension of your restaurant’s brand. A custom system allows you to incorporate your branding elements, creating a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

Marketing Freedom

With your own system, you’re not bound by the marketing restrictions of third-party platforms. You can run your own promotions, offer special discounts by email or sms, and use various other marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty with Online Ordering System

A seamless online ordering and reservation experience can significantly enhance customer loyalty. When customers have a positive experience with your system, they’re more likely to return and become regular patrons.

Personalised Experience

Developing your own online food ordering system allows you to provide a personalised experience for your customers. The system can be integrated with your CRM, enabling you to track customer behaviour and preferences, which you can use to offer personalised deals and promotions. Such a personalised experience can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn boosts revenue in the long run.


In conclusion, while third-party platforms might seem like an easy solution, developing your own reservation and food ordering functionality offers numerous benefits. It gives you greater control, saves costs, increases profitability, and allows for direct customer relationships, branding opportunities, and marketing freedom. So, consider investing in a custom system to boost your restaurant’s online presence and reap these benefits.

To enhance customer attraction for your restaurant or cafe, it is advisable to enhance your online presence, including having your own booking and online ordering functions. Invest in diverse digital platforms to expand your establishment’s exposure and reach a broader audience. This may involve website development, increased social media engagement, and targeted online advertising. Stay ahead of the competition, embrace the digital landscape, and cultivate your online presence!

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